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Do you have questions regarding products, our points of sale or our e-boutique?

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Contact our Customer Service

In order to provide the most appropriate answer possible, we need your contact information by email as well as details regarding the type of question you are asking. Is the product you are looking for still in our assortment and where can you find it? Would you like to have get a clearer idea of the characteristics of a particular writing instrument or an artistic medium? Are you having a problem with your order from our e-boutique? We’ll take care of your query!

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In order to answer you, we need your contact information by email as well as details regarding which Caran d’Ache product this concerns. Do you wish to know how to get it repaired and how much it will cost? What the guarantee covers? Our teams will find the best solution for your beloved Caran d’Ache!

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In order to guide you, we need your contact details by email as well as what you wish to customise. Would you like to treat your international clients and employees to one of the most authentic Swiss products? Will your brand soon be celebrating a jubilee? How does one create a personalised Caran d’Ache model? Do you know how many units of your model you would like to have made? The Caran d’Ache team will prepare a proposal that meets your needs!

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In order to provide you with further information, we need your contact details by email as well as the subject and purpose of your search. Are you freelance or do you represent a particular title? Is this about an advertising, editorial, audio-visual issue, a request for an interview or a topic of historical research? Providing specific details will help us respond accurately and thus ensure that you receive the material you require for your subject matter!

Contact our Distributors Service

In order to give you the best possible advice, we need your contact details by email. You’re a dealer in writing and drawing instruments and you’d like to extend the offer at your point of sale by selecting Caran d’Ache products? Have you just opened your first boutique in your region and you’d like to add Caran d’Ache to your range? We’ll be happy to advise you!

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So that we can answer you appropriately, we need your contact details by email as well as your questions or the details of your research. Would you like to know the key elements regarding our commitment to sustainable development? Do you own one of the very first Caran d’Ache writing instruments and would like to share its history with us? Are you mad about drawing or a keen user of our products and you have something on your mind? Write to our Reception desk – they’ll know how best to guide you!