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The exclusive Crystal writing instrument collection was born of the creative partnership between two legendary manufacturers, Geneva-based Caran d’Ache and the French master of fine crystal, Lalique. The unique style of this limited edition creation juxtaposes the refinement of Art Deco with the iconic Coutard motif, a succession of drops of water springing forth in a fine cascade, created by René Lalique in 1935 for the Fontaine de Coutard.

A symbol of life and rebirth, in tribute to the drop of ink with which writing begins, the finely embossed Coutard motif adorns the white or black ceramic body of the pen. In its supremely refined version issued in an 18-piece limited edition, the theme is expressed with diamonds sprinkled across white gold. To ensure that equal care is devoted to that which the eye cannot see, the piston ink pump is housed in a white gold drum with a diamond stud. The entire work is crowned with a crystal cabochon bearing the famous Lalique satin finish.

Manifesting the same aesthetic, technical and quality values, allied with a spirit of innovation and expertise, Caran d’Ache and Lalique put their names to an inestimably elegant work produced in three exceptional versions.

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