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1. Registration/Account Management

Why should I set up an account on the Caran d'Ache e-boutique?

You need to set up an account on the Caran d'Ache e-boutique before you can place orders. This allows you to manage your personal information, consult your order history or track your orders.

How do I set up my account?

You can register by simply completing the required fields, then validate. You will then receive an account creation confirmation message, reminding you of your username and password. You may change your personal data at any time.

How do I connect to my account?

After clicking on "My account", you can enter your username and your password in the spaces provided under "Already registered". These have been sent to you by email when you set up your account. If you forget your password, you may ask for it to be sent to your inbox from the "My account" page.

How do I change or delete my personal data?

When you log in to your account, you can change your personal data. You may also delete your account by completing the Contact form and requesting to delete your account.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you forget your password, you may ask for it to be sent to your email address from the "My account" page.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the Caran d'Ache newsletter?

When you set up your account, you can tick the box which validates your subscription to the newsletter. You can also enter your email address in the space provided for this purpose at the bottom of the page.
If you wish to unsubscribe and no longer receive our news, you can simply untick "Subscribe to the newsletter" on the "My account > My personal information” page.

What is the data protection policy for my personal information?

Your personal information is used exclusively to process orders and is not sent to third parties.

What are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale?

You can find our General Terms and Conditions of Sale using this link.

How can I contact Customer Services?

You can complete the Contact form.


2. Products

What are the special features of Caran d'Ache products?

Caran d'Ache is Switzerland's sole manufacturer of pencils, fine-arts materials and luxury Writing Instruments, and the symbol of technical excellence, precision, reliability and innovation. Made in workshops in Geneva since 1915, each design combines expertise, superior quality and recognised know-how. Elegance, refinement and creativity for outstanding products to give you a unique drawing, painting and writing experience.

Where are the Caran d'Ache products made?

All Caran d'Ache products are made in Geneva, guaranteeing a 100% Swiss Made optimal quality.

What quality controls are carried out on the Caran d'Ache products?

Throughout the production process, many controls are carried out to ensure writing comfort, quality and style for each Caran d'Ache product.

Are the products sold online the same as those in the boutiques?

The e-boutique offers a wide assortment of models. The online availability of items may vary according to stock levels.

How do you look for and find an item on the e-boutique ?

If you are looking for a specific item, you can carry out a search using the name of the model, the colour or the collection to which it belongs. You can also find all our items via the product categories using the drop-down menu that can be accessed at the top of the site's pages.

Where can I find a Caran d'Ache boutique or Caran d'Ache dealers?

Here you can find our points of sale.


3. Writing

How do I choose the nib size of my fountain pen?

You can find all the information via this link.

How do I choose a refill for my pen?

You can find all the information via this link.

Can I personalise my Writing Instrument?

You can have your Writing Instrument engraved, provided it is technically possible for that specific product. Engraving is offered for $19, except on mentioned special occasions. You may choose your own font and type of engraving. The products from the Office Line (Alchemix and 849 collections), as well as some products from the standard collections cannot be engraved.
Please note that engraved or personalised Caran d'Ache products cannot be exchanged or refunded.


4. Colour

What are the special features of the colours from Caran d’Ache?

All Caran d’Ache's colour products are made in our workshops in Geneva. They are the result of our expertise and carefully selected raw materials and pigments which produce quality pencils, pastels and other products that interact with the paper to provide unique creative experiences.

What colour classification system does Caran d’Ache use?

You can find all the information via this link.

How are the pencils produced?

There are around fifteen main stages from the Californian or Swiss wooden planks via the pigments to the final pencil.

What materials are used to produce the lead?

The lead for the pencils consists of three main elements: pigments, binders and fillers.

What are the different graphite lead grades?

The higher the 'B' grade, the higher the graphite content. The higher the 'H' grade, the higher the clay content.

  • B for Black
  • H for Hard
  • 9B for very soft and black
  • 4H for very hard and light
  • HB for drawing and writing
  • F for Firm (robust)

What makes a pencil or pastel water-soluble?

The composition of the binders determines the permanent or water-soluble nature of the lead. Initially the pigments aren't soluble, it is the wax that enables the colour to disperse upon contact with water.

What is the range of colours available?

Each collection has its own colour chart, but if we group all the colours used at Caran d’Ache, there are as many as 400 different shades.

Which pencil or pastel is best suited to my needs?

To establish the product that best suits your needs, ask yourself the following questions: am I looking for a hard or soft instrument? For dry or water-based use? For drawing or painting? You can then click on this link to see the pencil, pastel and paint categories.

Is it possible to dip the lead of my water-soluble instrument directly into water?

Dipping the water-soluble lead directly into water is one possible technique. However, indirect application using a medium or palette is recommended to guarantee the lead's durability.

What medium or paper should I choose for my artwork?

You should choose a quality pH-neutral, acid-free medium to ensure the longevity of the artworks. For dry use and precise details, choose fine, smooth drawing paper. For watercolours, choose an absorbent paper weighing at least 200 grams per square metre. For artwork using pastels, choose a rough tinted paper. 

Can I use NEOCOLOR® II as face makeup?

NEOCOLOR® II water-soluble wax pastels bear the symbol CE, which means the product complies with the European regulations of the ‘Toy Safety’ Directive 2009/48/CEE and EN 71 Harmonised Standards. Caran d’Ache donot recommend the use of NEOCOLOR® II on the body (this use does not appear in any brochure or leaflet from Caran d’Ache). This product has not been manufactured for cosmetic use and has not been dermatologically tested. NEOCOLOR® II pastels are intended for painting on paper or other surfaces (card, stone, glass, etc.).

What are the quality assurances?

The products are developed, produced and controlled at all stages of production in the Geneva workshops, in compliance with Swiss and international standards and laws. The CE standard EN71, which certifies all the products in the 'Hobbies' range, guarantees safe use for children.

What are the certifications associated with Caran d’Ache's colour products?

You can find all the information via this link.

Does Caran d’Ache use animal wax in its products?

Only the graphite leads contain a small amount of tallow, animal fat extract, while some NEOCOLOR items contain beeswax. However, all products respect quality and safety standards and are not dangerous for users.

What is the lightfastness certification?

You can find all the information via this link.

Can I purchase the colour products individually?

All Caran d’Ache colour products are individually available in our points of sale


5. Order/Delivery

How do I order from the Caran d'Ache e-boutique?

After setting up a customer account, you can add an item to your basket.
On the window which opens, you can choose to complete your purchase with another product from the range or a case.
Once you have chosen your products, click on "Finish".
If you are not yet logged in to your personal account, log in, or if it is your first purchase, set up an account.
After choosing the delivery and invoice address, tick the box to say you accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and then validate.
Then select your means of payment and complete your purchase.
An order confirmation email is sent to your email address. Your order is complete.

To which countries does the Caran d'Ache e-boutique make deliveries?

The Caran d'Ache e-boutique delivers to

  • USA
  • Hawaï, Alaska, Puerto Rico

to the delivery address that you have given. For deliveries outside the above-mentioned areas, please refer to our points of sale.

What are the delivery costs?

The fees are supported by the customer if the price of the products selected within a single order amounts to less than $199 and will therefore be billed $7.99.

How is my order delivered?

All Caran d’Ache products are delivered in an elegant Caran d’Ache box.

After validating your order, you receive a confirmation email. Your request is immediately taken care of by Caran d'Ache. Our couriers then aim to deliver your products to you as soon as possible.

What are the delivery times?

You will receive your order on average within:

- 5-10 working days by UPS. Orders over $200 will be given against signature.

- 5-10 working days for Hawai, Alaska and Puerto Rico by USPS against signature.

Delivery can be extended. If so, an alert message will appear in the product description and in the basket. A special pictogram is also visible.        

Are my products in stock?

Unless indicated on our site, our products are generally available as our site is regularly updated. For special demands, please contact

How do I have a gift delivered?

You can enter a different delivery address from the invoicing address, so that the gift is delivered directly to the person of your choice.
For special gifts, you may choose for your gift to be delivered with gift wrapping and a personal message.

How can I track my order?

On your account, under "Order History", click on the order that you wish to track. The last column indicates the tracking number. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to our courier's website, specifying the status of your order.

6. Secure Payment

What methods of payment are accepted on the online Caran d'Ache e-boutique?

The payment of the orders is performed through a payment card. The payment cards accepted to this day are: Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. 

What is the online payment procedure?

Once your order is complete, you can click on "Make payment" and choose the method of payment. You can then enter the required fields and confirm your payment. You will then receive a message summarising the order and confirming payment.

How is my online payment made secure?

The payments made on Caran d'Ache's e-commerce site are made secure by the certified PCI DSS level 1 system. To date, this is the system which offers the highest level of security. More information on the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Why is Creative Arts Materials the beneficiary when making the payment?

In the USA, Caran d’Ache is represented by Creative Arts Materials, our official distributor.  

Are my bank details stored?

Caran d'Ache does not record any bank data.

What are the conditions of acceptance for a refund by Caran d'Ache?

When a product is returned (more detail via this link Return conditions), Caran d'Ache's internal departments will or will not validate the refund, depending on its suitable condition for resale. If the product does not satisfy the requirements for return, it will be sent back to you and no refund can be made. If the product is returned to us protected in its original packaging, unopened and accompanied by all the accessories, instructions for use and literature, then a refund may be made.


7. Maintenance/Repair/Return

How do I clean and maintain my writing instrument?

The details and maintenance advice vary according to the materials and composition of your writing instrument. You can clean and maintain your pen according to the instructions given in the owner’s Guide for Writing Instruments, the most important being not to use aggressive products and to respect the stages for dismantling and assembling the pen.

What does the international guarantee mean?

The duration and the scope of the guarantee vary in relation to your Caran d'Ache product. The certificate of guarantee delivered with your purchase gives you further details.
For products in the luxury range, the lifetime international guarantee for all defects in materials and manufacture allows you to have your writing instrument repaired, without a time limit.
For products in the office range and accessories, the standard two years guarantee applies.

How, and in what condition, can I return my purchase?

You can ask to return your purchase from your account. Once your return number is received, you can return your purchase.
The product must be complete, correctly protected in its original packaging, with the individual protective packaging or film intact (unopened), accompanied by any accessories, instructions and literature.
The product must be sent with the return request number supplied in the previous stage and with a copy of the sales invoice to the following address:

Creative Art Materials, Ltd.
Customer Service
236 Raceway Drive, Unit 5
Mooresville. NC 28117

Please note that the costs of returning a purchase are at your own expense. If the anomaly is due to us, we will then refund you the postage.

What is the deadline for returning my purchase?

You have a period of 30 days to return the delivered product, the return costs being at your own expense.

How do I send my Caran d'Ache product back for repair?

You can contact our Customer Services by completing the Contact form for any request for information or quote for repair only for products purchased from the e-boutique.
Only at the invitation of the Caran d'Ache Customer Services, you may send us the complete writing instrument (body, lid, writing block), with a certificate of guarantee duly completed, signed and dated, or with a copy of the purchase invoice. The product must be accompanied by a description of the problem encountered, as well as your exact address for the return.
You may send your product to the following address:

Creative Art Materials, Ltd.
Customer Service
236 Raceway Drive, Unit 5
Mooresville. NC 28117

To what address should I return my purchase?

The address to return products is as follows:

Creative Art Materials, Ltd.
Customer Service
236 Raceway Drive, Unit 5
Mooresville. NC 28117